Playhouses and Fantasy Cottages

In the best fairy tales there's always a little cottage in the woods...Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel. So we've made our own version and here it is. 


Because all of these wonderful little playhouses start in our imagination, we're only limited by our belief in what we can make. We have some very skilled joiners who are delighted to have a challenge. 

This one has lovely curved window and door frames, steamed to fit the shape required. The windows all open and the sides and door are finished with wany edge pine cladding.

Not content with the usual four sides, this fabulous roof has five sides and a wonderful little gable end over the door all finished off with cedar shingles.

A lovely bespoke veranda with carved balustrade all round finishes everything off. And all made in miniature. The door is only 4ft high.

Perfect for little hobbits....or fairies....or goblins....or dwarves...or elves...anything your little children want to be that day! 







All of our playhouses, treehouses, platforms and playtowers are bespoke, made to order and installed by our own team of experts so you can be confident that you will get what you want, with every aspect of your children’s safety and adventurous imagination taken into account. With our background in outdoor education we are keen to make sure that your children are encouraged to make the most of the outdoors and develop their confidence in an enjoyable way.

Your children’s safety is of paramount importance to us and European safety standards determine how we make and install our equipment.

According to the safety standards, we are obliged to recommend some form of surfacing under any play equipment where your children are over 1.5m off the ground. We are happy to advise you on this and, as you will see, can provide this for you. Where surfacing is shown in the photos it is not included in the price.