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Will a climbing frame fit in my garden?

At Playahead Design I always like to say to prospective clients “The answer’s yes, now what’s the question?” When it comes the question of whether one can or cannot have a climbing frame then the more accurate answer is that one is limited by space, budget and imagination. So, space is the first issue to be addressed.  

If you are considering buying a bespoke climbing frame then make sure you are dealing with someone who can help you make the most of the space available whilst taking into consideration the things that are most important to you as the client. They should be taking into account how old the children are and what they like to play on. Is it going to be challenging and exciting enough to maintain their interest for a while? Also what the play equipment looks like; is it aesthetically pleasing to the eye? Are they offering to make you something that is going to suit what you want or what they think you should have? Finally, are you confident that they are going to design something for you that is as safe as possible.  

Which brings us back to the question of the available space. If you want a slide is there room to get off it at the end without hitting a wall or tree? Is there ample room behind and in front of the swings? Is there enough space around the equipment in case someone falls? There are British Standards for guidance on these and your designer should know them. Maybe more important than these points and less obvious is considering the ‘flow’ of traffic around the play equipment. For example, do the children have to run in front of the swings to get to the ladder? Equally, is there enough space for everyone on the platform? Again, a good designer will take into account how your children are likely to use the climbing frame and put the accessories in the right place to utilise your available space as effectively and safely as possible.  

At Playahead Design, Jerry has been running the company for 10 years and during that time has designed and either made or overseen the manufacture and installation of well over 100 different projects of all sizes and requirements. We’d like to think that we’ve got a good idea of what we’re doing by now…! 

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