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Can I have a treehouse in my garden?

The answer to this question is not necessarily as obvious as it may first seem. At Playahead Design we get lots of clients asking us that question and not all of them have even got trees in their garden. So the discussion can often start with comparing ideas of what we think a ‘treehouse’ looks like?  

For some, a platform with a house on it is good enough for their children to imagine they might be I the woods somewhere up in the branches of a tree. For others, having the house raised up and amongst the vegetation at the bottom of the garden gives the feel of being in a tree which, for lots of children at least, is fantastic. If the platform is around a lovely big tree or more then that’s great and if it’s all completely off the ground then even better. So the absence of a tree isn’t necessarily an issue, neither does it have to be a big old tree that can support the whole structure.  

As it is with climbing frames, as far as we at Playahead Design are concerned, we are limited by space, budget and imagination. We have designed and installed numerous treehouses to suit every budget and in or around all manner of trees from huge oak trees hundreds of years old to little laurel bushes, or simply next to the trees and high enough to be in the canopy and out of sight. All designed to specifically suit the client’s requirements, made bespoke for them and installed by us.  

So, in answer to the question “Can I have a treehouse?” I suppose one ought to answer “that depends on what you consider to be a treehouse”! Unfortunately there’s also the question of whether one can afford it and also whether either neighbours and/or the local planning office will object.

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