Frequently Asked Questions

The sort of questions that people frequently ask are below.  If you need anything that is not covered below, please don't hesitate to get in touch

This is a question that frequently arises and has been addressed more fully in my blog. However, the first piece of advice is to ask the neighbours first. Officially there are planning restrictions that need to be adhered to and these apply to treehouses as well as any other platform, veranda or balcony over 300mm above the ground within the curtilage of your dwelling.

We can assist in planning applications by providing dimensioned plans, sketches and CAD elevations if necessary. There is a fee for this from £150 depending on the extent of assistance required.

2. How much does a treehouse cost? Our straightforward children's treehouses cost £10,000 - £15000. If there is a larger platform, aerial walkways, zip-wires and so forth included then the prices gradually increase up to £25000 - £30000. If utilities, insulation and other ‘luxury’ details are required then these can be provided and costed up accordingly but generally will cost from £40,000 - £45,000. There are various small additional fees for the designs and assistance with planning applications (if required).

You need neither a tree nor a big tree. For our smaller free standing playtowers, a tree is not required. The prices of these start from around £5,000. For the more extravagant projects, our larger platforms are frequently partially or fully self supporting so the size of tree is not particularly crucial. It is more important that it is healthy and not protected by a tree preservation order. If either of these are questionable then it is best to check before doing anything else.

Pressure treated pine from sustainable sources. The wood is kiln dried before being treated with Tanalith E and therefore requires very little maintenance.

The most important thing is to remember that timber is a natural product, therefore because it's all different there can be no guarantees. However our suppliers are prepared to guarantee their timber against rot and infestation. What we would suggest all our clients do is routinely check the fixings so that they remain tight when the timber is shrinking and expanding with varying moisture levels during the year.

This question has been answered more fully in my blog. However, you can be assured that Jerry will check that you have enough space for the structure you would like before anything is finalised. Generally, as soon as you go past 1.5m above the ground you need at least 1.5m 'free space' around the structure.

If you have the space, then generally the answer will be yes. You don't need a tree or a steep slope although sturdy trees are preferable and will usually enable us to install a longer zip-wire. If we have to install our own posts then the maximum is approximately 30m.

Depending on the time of year 3-6 weeks.

Some of the smaller projects can be comfortably finished within a week. It depends on how much preparation can be done beforehand. Larger treehouses can take up to 3 weeks.

Just about all of our structures are big enough for an adult to use. The smaller slides might not allow for a grown up bottom but otherwise we would be disappointed if parents and grown-up can’t access the treehouse along with their chidren.

Yes and yes. If we are made aware at the planning phase that your treehouse might be added to in the future then of course we can make allowances for this in the design phase. Moving bespoke structures like treehouses is obviously not possible but free-standing playtowers can be dismantled and moved without any difficulty.