Buying Guide

Given our commitment to a fully consultative approach, if you’ve decided you’d like to explore the possibilities a little more, what’s the next stage?

Site visit

Some of our smaller projects like a free standing climbing frame can be planned and designed based on phone conversations and photos however the majority of our projects require a visit. This serves numerous purposes, not least gives us an opportunity to meet you (and frequently the children), to have a real time consultation and discuss all the various issues and concerns you may have.

There are numerous questions that can arise at this point from both parties (more of which are addressed in our FAQs) but most importantly we need to determine from each other;

  • What are your (or your family’s) requirements? With our experience we can advise what young people or indeed adults of various ages and genders would prefer, or indeed are capable of doing both now and in a few years time. This means that we can design features into the project that will ensure continued enjoyment and interest for the long term.
  • Have we got the space to put up what you would like? Obviously, there has to be enough space not only for the structure but also to safely use it without risking injury in case of a fall or simply not having enough room to move around, for example can you use the swing without crashing into a tree, wall or someone else? We have experience and knowledge of the various standards and recommendations as well as the design experience to enable us to utilise the space as efficiently as possible whilst ensuring the safety of the users and preserving the aesthetic integrity of the project.
  • Can we match the budget to the requirements? Even for the bigger projects, for most of us there is usually a point after which we have gone over budget…however, because we make everything to order and bespoke, we can modify and redesign your project as often as you like until we get what you would like for the budget you have in mind.


With as much information as we need from each other, Jerry will then return to our office in the Cotswolds and go to the designing phase. This will probably have already started in your kitchen over a cup of tea with some rough sketches just to make sure that we’re all ‘on the same page’. Then he’ll put some scale plans together along with an artists impression. Because by definition treehouses are all different, at this stage we will be able to put together a detailed breakdown of the price of the project and email the various documents back to you for discussion or approval. There is a fee for the designs, plan and sketch, which start from £250 ex VAT depending on the size and nature of the project and which is refundable against the final cost of the project should you decide to go ahead.


Once everyone is happy with the design and everything a 50% deposit will confirm your order and secure you a booking in the schedule. Now we can start to manufacture your treehouse. David, the Operations Manager will take over from here to make sure that the requisite timber and other outsourced items are ordered, oversee the construction in our workshop, that the design is interpreted correctly and made to your specifications. For the very large projects, there will often be a further site visit with David and Jerry together to discuss the finer details of the installation, ensure nothing has been overlooked and finalise the logistics.

Delivery and Installation

Depending on the size of the project we will either deliver the timber on a lorry the day before we start or in our own vehicle when we arrive. Unless extreme circumstances intervene, once we arrive we will continue with your installation until completion. The team who manufactured the treehouse will be the team who installs it which means you can be assured that they will have seen the original sketches, plans and photos of your garden that were taken at the initial site visit. Discussed any access or delivery issues with Jerry and generally will have been fully briefed about the whole project before they arrive. This continuity means that there should be minimal fuss and maximum efficiency during the whole process resulting in your project being delivered on time, to your specifications and to the highest standard. The balance is due on completion.