About Us


At Playahead Design, we have always concentrated on ensuring that the customer's requirements come first. Our completely consultative approach means that you will discuss your ideas with Jerry who will most often come to visit you to measure up then put a design, plan and sketch together. Nearly every project is unique and always personal to you.


People tell me I have the best job in the world! Designing treehouses. Not quite true. The true pleasure comes from seeing the children's faces when their new treehouse is ready to play in. Our business is making sure that you're happy with what we've made for you. Whether it's for you, your children, grandchildren or someone else in the family.


Until recently, we could say that every project we had undertaken was different. There are still only a tiny handful them that are identical. Everything is made bespoke for you, by us, in our workshop and then installed by the same experts who made it. So we know that everything is made to your specfications and installed to the highest standard.

  1. Playahead Design logo


    Rebranded to Playahead Design

    Completely new responsive website and social media presence.

  2. Large extravagent treehouse with basket, climbing ramp and walkway


    Treehouse design to the stars

    Increasingly extravagant private client projects including Man Utd footballers and well known music industry popstars.

  3. Stroud house Office


    New offices

    Opened office in Cotswolds.

  4. Old Playahead logo


    Online presence

    Rising number of private and commercial clients leads to new website to showcase increasing portfolio and range of projects.

  5. A neat pile of timber



    Moved to a bigger workshop. Employed an Operations Manager.

  6. Jerry Butling


    A family business

    Jerry, his son, joined him and they extended the garage to accommodate the additional work load and timber.

  7. Richard Butling


    Playahead founded

    Dick Butling started working in a garden shed making basic climbing frames for neighbours and local clients.